Four years ago, a solid wood door fell several feet straight onto my little head and my short-term memory never fully recovered. I am concussed.

My work is a therapuetic practice for holding onto memories I would otherwise forget, as well as a vehicle for self-exploration and documentation of my everyday struggles as a person with irreparable memory loss. I am in a constant personal pilgrimage in investigating my identity, as I can no longer be the person I was before the door hit me. My paintings focus on the parts of my memory that I lost both from impact and through specific choice to forget. In navigating these experiences, I bring myself to a vulnerable place that lets me visually depict these emotional feelings into surrealist mental landscapes.

The repetitive use of floral and textual elements are used to create a sense of memorial wreaths, which highlight the parts of my identity that I want to both honor and mourn. My work helps me to find myself and my discourse.